FAQ and Help

Tweetypad is One app for all your social media needs.

Tweetypad allows you to post to your Twitter account without being limited to the 140-character limit, all in one step from one convenient place AND simultaneously you can also post to many popular Social Media platforms such as Facebook, Linkedin, Tumblr and more!

Tweetypad puts Full Control in the palm of your hand.

Tweetypad lets you manage multiple social media accounts all from one convenient place. Whether at home or on the go, you’ll never again need to jump between you’re accounts to tweet and write unlimited posts. Finally, the solution you’ve been waiting for!

1. How to create a post?

- Click on write post button.

- Select your social network account on which you want to share your post.

- Enter Subject and Description of your post.

- Attach media files by clicking on Attach File button

- Click on Post button to share your post.

2. How can I share my post on different social networks?

Tweetypad allows you to share your posts on 4 different social networks:

a) Twitter

b) Facebook

c) LinkedIn

d) Tumblr

You can add your social media account on Tweetypad through manage accounts section and can authenticate Tweetypad to share posts on the social networks. Once, authenticated you can choose social media account while creating post on which you want to share the post.

3. How to get remove advertiseent from Tweetypad App?

- You can purchase Tweetypad Pro from App Store (iOS users) or from Play Store (Android Users) and can remove the advertisement completely from the app.

4. Not able to login with your account?

- Always use the same email or social media ID to login to the website or app with which you have signed up initially.